How to post pictures

Understanding How It All Works.
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How to post pictures

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Special thank you to Hoofarted for making this writeup.

1. Note location of pictures on hard drive. e.g. c:\pix


2. Open web browser; go to site:


3. Click upload now

4. Browse to location on hard drive where pix exist; select picture and click open.


5. Enter Code and click upload now.


6. Select (Highlight) IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards and Copy (CTRL-C)


7. And paste code into your post here...


Then click Upload more to continue to next picture.
This is geared towards tinypic - which is great for random one pic here and one pic there posts - but if you're going to post a lot, I suggest opening a free account at and start uploading there. You can do bulk uploads and don't have to enter in any stupid codes.
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hoofarted :urock:
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You can upload 10 pics at a time in photobucket.

I discovered the other day how to change the background.
Yeah,... what background. :lol: ... adford.jpg
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How can i make the pic bigger?
This site rocks
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Awesome lol very helpful for the computer illiterates among us
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