CR500 Best ignition upgrade

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CR500 Best ignition upgrade

Post by BubbaGump »

Hello, to improve CR500 ignition what do you recommend?
PVL, MSV, or something from other bikes (maybe from CR250). In this case (CR250) what do I need ?

Thank U
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Re: CR500 Best ignition upgrade

Post by JustinAF500R »

Theres nothing per se wrong with the stock ignition but if you wanted to upgrade to a newer ignition it would seem the 2001 cr250 system is the fan favorite. You need a complete system. Stator, CDI, flywheel, coil, etc. Stator plate has to be modified. Just keep in mind the benefits tend to be benign from what I have read. You might get less flywheel effect/better in turns, flatter power curve, easier starting, etc. It won't turn your 500 into a monster bike that revs like a 125 with 500cc torque.
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