1998 Honda CR500 Engine specs

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1998 Honda CR500 Engine specs

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hello, about 15 years ago I unfortunately sold my 1998 CR500 MX completely original.
Now I have only my CR500 supermoto.
I need to overhaul the engine (maybe I will build an MX bike) and replace the head (I already got the VHM but with insert to be machined).
My engine was tuned for supermoto use:
Thicker gasket under the cylinder, raised intake and exhaust ports, added two intake ports ( :D ), custom made head and insert, custom made reed valve pack, custom made muffler and silencer, balanced and weighted crankshaft with wolfram inserts.
Unfortunately, I lost all the engine tuning data and have no way to measure volume, squish and rc of my engine because' I no longer have the head&insert.

I am asking if , in reference to the standard Honda CR500 (1991 onwards) you have these data:

1) OEM squish
2) OEM head volume (in cc including spark plug thread volume)
3) OEM compression ratio
4) OEM piston height (at top dead center relative to cylinder top plane)

Thank you.

ps: for motard use what squish and rc values do you recommend?

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