Gen 3 Enough parts to build a 500AFC

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Gen 3 Enough parts to build a 500AFC

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Good Morning All,

I used to be an active member here. I built a beautiful Gen , there is a good write up on it in this form. It got stolen, like 5 years or more ago. I'm just not into this anymore.

I probably have enough parts to build a gen 3 500AFC, and a stock CR125, and probably another gen 3 roller.

Titled gen3 250 frame, conversion complete

I'm not very motivated to put the work in to complete any of these projects

I'm not very motivated to deal with posting pictures, selling parts 1 by 1, dealing with shipping etc.

I am in mesa AZ, and would be willing to show someone my "collection" if they were serious about making an offer to take it all.

Also have a Beautiful 1985 RZ-350 that i'd take $7500 for
and a beautiful 2001 R1, IDK what I'd take for that.

If there is any interest, please reply to this or send me a PM

I frequent San Diego and Lakeside AZ, I am willing to haul to either of those locations.

anyone still around? Britincali, roostios, man seems like a life time ago. Still chuckle at the weephole post from time to time when I think of it!
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