Long time Member..Long time since last post

A quick "How ya'Do", and a photo would be nice.
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Long time Member..Long time since last post

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Hi Bob,
Its been a while! I was playing with the 500 the other night and you popped into my head. Since I was thinking about you, I just had to reach out and say hello and hope all is well. Me, my wife and son moved back home (Ohio) from Wisconsin a few years back and I'm still racing, riding and trying not to hurt myself too bad. A couple of years shy of 60 now and I'm not getting up as quickly as I use to after a digger but dont think its in the cards to ever hang it up. The once very long ago "elusive" Fascher 500 is still up and running as well as the other steel bikes. Anyway, just had to shoot you a quick hello. So glad to see the site is still up and running.
Talk soon Sir!
"A good friend will come bail you out of jail, A TRUE friend will be sitting next to saying, DAMN THAT WAS FUN"
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Re: Long time Member..Long time since last post

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I still pop my head in here, every once in awhile. Thank you for thinking of me, and yes.....we are all 60ish now...and all the fun we had oh so many years ago still brings a smile to my face....... :cool:
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