New CR500 AF Owner

A quick "How ya'Do", and a photo would be nice.
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New CR500 AF Owner

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Hi everyone, after selling my 2001 model years ago and regretting that decision, I finally snagged the Eleanor of 2 strokes a 2001 engine in a 2003 CR 125/250 frame its one of AJ's creations. I have been going through it and have been dealing with a lot of upgrades that need replacement but I will save for later. I have ridden dirt bikes for 45 years and can't seem to shake it. My primary bike is a Husky TE250i because I have gotten a little lazier and like the finer things in life, although that 500 is so much fun when I just want to smoke it. They are truly special!

Thanks for the site, I need all the resources to keep this machine up.

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Re: New CR500 AF Owner

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You will find a wealth of good information here :cool:
:img: Where did I set my beer down?
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