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Rhino89523 wrote:O.K here is my year end wrap up.

Timbersleds are awesome and super fun, kind of like riding sand dunes in the woods hanging off the side of a cliff in the middle of nowhere. The terrain goes forever and you can get to places others will never see in minutes. Reliability is obviously paramount!!

Things I learned about a 500 in the snow. They run cool in deep powder and they run hot in the spring. I will be running a 137 LT next year with a tunnel cooler, 1 radiator, overflow tank, and thermostat. Routing will go one head tube to carb heater back to upper radiator inlet on right. Other head tube will run to bypass thermostat, bypass will run to waterpump inlet, thermostat outlet will go to tunnel cooler. Tunnel cooler is off of an RMK and fits real nice on the tunnel behind the brake and in front of the gas can and all that. the return line off the cooler will go into the lower radiator inlet that used to be the inlet from the left radiator. The little crossover that runs at the top will be plugged off and the overflow will go to tank mounted in place of the left radiator. Hoping this set up will keep it warm in the deep and cool in the spring...probably run some additional engine shrouding. My Electric start still doesn't really work right. It will start my bike one out of every 20 times, need to figure that part out but I love the power supply to the heated grips and ability to run a light. Roosty's reed cage works killer and the 500 is an absolute ripper.

I love this thing and if I wasn't remodeling my kitchen I'd still be riding it this thing is so fun. I'll get done with the kitchen and then it's time to start getting ready for the 1000. This is the 50 year anniversary should be good.
Are you up and running yet this year? My bike still has tires on it, been too busy to throw my kit on for snow play.
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