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AlisoBob Update

Post by Roostius_Maximus »

I've had many guys ask what ever happened to the Bannded-father lately.
Dude is still towering over the crowd but in a different motorsport these days.

Fulfilling the dream of owning memorabilia relating the iconic front engine dragster built in '63 by "The Surfers" Bob hasn't made an impersonation, a replica, nor a "close-to" copy of the car, but an absolute re-incarnation of the exact machine!

The connections made while in pursuit of finding or creating the required components to accomplish this has been nothing short of fulfilling a prophecy.
From acquiring THEE original mahogany mold for the one one-off blower hat, to having the hands which fabricated the original machine there at every stage to feel it, massage it, and feed it with every back story pertaining to individual fasteners, modifications to components, reasonings for the angle, pitch, tweak of every molecule the evolution of the original build etc has literally fleshed out into this machine which is already glowing with its own ora of greatness. It's in the final stages, has been assembled and is torn down to be painted etc.

It's about it get a pulse!

It all begins here...
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Post by AlisoBob »


Hey everyone, thanks Roosty for letting the Hoon's know what I've been up to. It all started when I tore my Achillies off, which was the start to the end of my riding career. Above is how the car appeared in 1963. If you notice the scoop, its a fiberglass Mickey Thompson scoop that was soon discarded, and the cast magnesium Jerry Bailey one off scoop took its place.

Here is the mahogany scoop pattern Roosty is talking about, Made at Santa Monica City College, in the spring of 1964 by student Jerry Bailey


The person holding the scoop pattern with me it Tom Jobe, the last surriving "Surfer". Coolest guy in the world....


Tom also made the hubs for the front wheels to recreate the originals perfectly. They used Triumph flat track spool hubs, and Dunlop WM2 hoops with stainless butted spokes. Their stunning.


Heres the semi finished car. Still needs the body to be completed.


Tom also flame bent the real anglia spindles, and pounded out the seat.


Here we are at the cars debut at the Barona Nitro Revival on Sept 30th 2017.

The engine is recreated 100% true to form, and will run on 97% niitromethane and 3% Toluene with a splash of blue food coloring.... to keep everyone wondering... WTF are these guys burning!!!!

If you need any questions answered, just ask. The car lives on Facebook. Just search " Skinner Crosser & Jobe".. and it should pop right up.

I miss you guys!!!!!

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Post by sabreguy »

That's actually pretty freaking COOL!!!
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