Spicy Pork

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Spicy Pork

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I'm fairly picky about my food but this is a great grill food for your friends especially out riding & camping or at large events its a winner.

Heavy duty foil & double it up on your grill ten fold edges up about 1/2 to keep sauce from leaking into grill.

1 pork loin feeds about 8 people & I suggest chicken & mushroom rice to go with it.

1 pork loin put in freezer for a couple hours & cut fat off so it's easy to slice thin.

Slice loin in half long ways then start slicing pieces off of loin as thin as you can cut it so about 1/16" to 1/8"

FYI you don't need to soak the meat in the sauce but if going on a trip or to ride site or event you can have all this ready & let it soak 1 night & cook on grill next day but it will get hotter the longer it soaks.

In large pan have ingredients ready so you can plop sliced pieces off into sauce.

For a large loin (4lbs) to feed 8 to 10 people quite well you will need to mix in the following.

This type of loin is 3lbs for ingredients listed

https://www.meijer.com/product/grocery/ ... 800000.uts

You can use pork shoulder which is juicier & more tender but much harder to cut & more fat but worth the effort if you want to try it.

Once you have all ingredients in large pan keep mixing it up to make sure sugar blends in & pour sauce on rill wile cooking so it caramelizes properly don't be shy with it.

3 of the 10oz or 12oz bottles of La choy light soy sauce for 3lb loin (must be light)
1 tbsp. onion powder
1 tbsp. Garlic powder
1 to 2 cups sesame seeds (your preference I like 2 cups)
1 to 2 tbsp. Ground cayenne red pepper (I like 2tbsp but it is hot)
2 cups sugar
1/8 cup sesame oil
1/8 cup virgin olive oil

I like to run a couple test pieces before putting a lot on the grill & see how fast it's cooking & flavor, once it caramelizes it really is out of this world.

Mix everything up very well before dropping sliced pork into sauce & with a very hot grill & doubled up heavy duty foil on grill pour a couple cups of sauce on foil before putting slices of meat on foil.

The idea is to sear the meat it's not a slow cooking process but fast & or the meat will be tough, you will see the first batch your meat will be light in color but the sugar caramelizes & it gets darker & the best stuff.

I like to use a flat plastic or rubber spatula to scoop the meat & tongs to spread them out all over the grill & a fork to flip each individual piece but do not put a hole in the foil & lose your sauce.

All I can tell you is everyone has loved this food & I get begged by family & friends to make it all the time, the girl that used to make it left our riding circle & I had to be for the recipe it's that good.

The chicken rice is great with it & mushrooms in the rice if you like them, I buy the chicken rice & add a chicken bullion cube to it for extra flavor.

The worst part of this is slicing the meat very thin but freeze it for an hour before & it cuts easy, slice fat off first & once you try this it is all over & you may like more sugar or more of less cayenne pepper but you will figure it out & thank me later :)

Usually I have to kill anyone I've told the recipe to but I've become soft in my old age.

If you want to feed 16 to 20 people double everything & just one example of how good it is, my neighbor hired a very expensive caterer for graduation party & asked me to make spicy pork well it was eaten as was the rice I made & folks asking for more while most other foods sat there.
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