After the thrill is gone...

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The only place you ever see one of these big bore 2 strokes anymore is the dunes...It seems the thrill is gone for most. I'm getting older and if I wasn't such a cheap ass I would just buy a new bike every other year and call it good. I have too many motors in my life and do the same thing...ride till broken and repeat. The 500's just require so little maintenance and always make me smile so I've stuck with them closer to 30 years than 20 now. Got on them in '88 and never really stepped I'm getting old. I've met some cool people off of both of the 500 sites, pretty sure I will be here till one of us is gone with nothing really to offer as I don't know shit really...thats why I love me a 500.

I had one of those GS's for a while, cool bike but too much street and not enough dirt to keep me satisfied. Rode my buddies KTM 950 with S suspension, total whale but carries it really well you cant tell until you try to stop that runaway train. Makes a 500 feel slow and soaks the bumps well, I was flying (for me anyway) and misjudged how fast a turn was coming at me, slowed as much as I could and slid the rest...exhilarating and super scary since it wasn't mine. Handed it back and been thinking I need one since. B.ig M.istake A.merica
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