Faster USA Wheels/Rims and Hub polishing

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Faster USA Wheels/Rims and Hub polishing

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Colin over at Faster USA hooked me up again on a set of wheels. I've used their Hex and Econo hubs with Excel Rims and have had great luck. (I'm pretty hard on wheels). This time around I sent them a set of stock Honda hubs for their new polish service with new rims and spokes. I think they turned out pretty damn good!
I have lined up a hoon discount for Banned members if you want this service. Normally $600 plus shipping. Discount price is $540 with complete polish, new rims, spokes and trued with shipping to the lower 48. Just tell Colin that Mik from the Banned board sent you!


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Re: Faster USA Wheels/Rims and Hub polishing

Post by Happy Fn Trails »

I just contacted faster USA for wheels. I was told to send in my oem hubs for them to cerakote and build the rest for $800. If I wanted Talon hubs then it would be $1200. Just a FYI.

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