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Site Mission

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Hello Everybody!

Well, I'm sure everybodys first question is about the name. I was banned from a similar site for speaking my mind. I wanted to provide a site offering the same soapbox to stand on, without all the oppression.

That said, this site was born as an alternative to the others, and hopefully finds its own audience. The goal is to provide its members a place to openly express themselves, while still maintaining a "PG-13" type atmosphere.

While true "F-Bombs" will be frowned upon, abbreviations in all forms are fine..... post "WFO" and " WTF" to your hearts content. The usual words you hear on talk radio today are fine.... but please use them in context, and dont just try to be outragous. As a rule of thumb:
adjectives are fine ( Larry pussed out on the big triple)
nouns are not ( Larry is a big pussy who cant ride)

Additionally, any topic ( even political ones ) are allowed.... as long as they are being discussed.

Some other areas that different are the elimination of both "PM"s" and the invisable " Moderators Only" forum. If you dont have the courage to say something in the open forum, keep it to yourself.

We have an area called "Shoppers Only". This is an un-registered area, where anyone can stroll in and ask questions regarding CR500 ownership, purchasing, or other questions. Other forums ban non-owners, we hope to fill a void in not only making future owners welcome, but avoiding costly mistakes right off the bat.

Some may wonder how I'll act on my own board.... Well, expect more of the same. Although I try to help everyone, some times it comes across harsh. Having thick skin helps. As an example M.F.D.P. & Slomas are two members I consider friends now, after a rocky start . If you feel your being picked on, either suck it up, or move on. This is not the place for whiners.

Its going to take a while to fine tune, and get everything settled in. I have no idea what I'm doing as far as Administrating , and I dont think that Grand Master ST200 is going to give me any pointers.

All I have to offer is a place where you can talk dirtbikes, set up rides, speak you mind, and have alot of fun.

The only two rules you need to follow are:

1. No Web-Riders
2. No Whiners

Cheers Hoons!