log in ?

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log in ?

Post by coley13 »

just curious more than anything, i run mozilla fierfox. it remembers my passwords and logs me in automatically.

lately it's been logging me in but if it's been more than say 12 hours for example it asks me to log in again. whats the point you may ask, i dont mind logging in again but looking at the users online i'm already online so why am i asked to login again?

sorry for the inconvenience it just seems strange. i'm a bit of a computer gumby and know nothing
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Post by MojoScojo »

I've used firefox on this site since the day it started. I have not experienced this.

I do know that i have logged out (to go to admin mode) and then back in and forgotten to hit the checkbox so I end up only being logged in until I close firefox. Then when I fire up again, I have to log in again, hopefully remembering to hit the dang checkbox.

I would be curious to know more if this is not the case with you also.
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Post by sabreguy »

I use Firefox but have no issues with this site at all.

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