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I'll hear your comments, dosent mean I'll do squat about it.... but I'll listen.
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swap and sell section

Post by asteroid500 »

hey guys and gals,
how about a swap and sell section.
i know we have a classafieds but to be honest it aint worked for me.
surely of all the riders in this forum some of the requested bits and pieces could be found.
for instance ive had 25 hits on a set of forks and not a single reply.
cases well im onto somthing there.
us Aussie NEED your help, you have a much bigger base to pick from and the might of USA engineering as to refurbish pits and pieces.
i mean from were i live you cant even get some one to spin somthing up on a lathe unless your a multi national minning giant such is the demand for there work.
Rootmasters got it sussed.
he's got a shed full of 500 treasures and i dont blame him for keeding it for that rainy day because there a dying breed.......
i get it at every race meet "get off that dinosaur and get a 4 stroke."
and in reply they get a "FUCK OFF"

shit sounds like a winge session sorry!
"not speeding officer".....qualifying

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Post by Nodge »

Yah, I'm from Saskatchetoon!

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