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Powerful Economical Reliable

Post by bigpower » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:30 pm

I had a bro that worked for Rolls Royce, used to give me patches and stickers and stuff that had that slogan on em. After the 131 miler that a good bro and I knocked off this past sunday, I got to thinkin to myself, that pretty much describes the yesteryear technology I ride.
Decided last week I wanted to Super Loop, that is, ride out of my house on to the trail, connect with the MCCCT about 25 miles south of the house, and well, ride it back to the house, the long way though. Took a 5 gal of my stinky mix out for El Gato and I to a favored stop the night before, and we comenced to get on it bout 9am. Took roughly 7-1/2hr to complete, a mix of single track, orv routes(bigger trails), some road sections, and it for the most part was good. North Missaukee has recently been groomed, and the 500 can get up and bark along a few really nice sections of it. My home base, Kalkaska, as good as its been on the south side in yrs, the recently opened orv routes enable you to run, plate free, whatever you brung all the way to Moorestown. Kudos to the State for that one.
We decided to run for 45 minutes and take a 10 minute break between. I know, but hey, I'm gettin old and I like to enjoy it. We made our gas can at Lucas Rd, the 52 mile mark, about 1145. Not bad time, to be honest, took a bit longer of a break and pushed on. About 2 miles up, Joshs KX250 died and didnt wanna start. I circled back just as he finished changin a pretty good lookin plug. Me thinks I got a bit of water with the gas, the bastards, for how much the stuff costs these days. A few kicks from my fat ass got it goin again, just in time for me to crash Dans bike right into the trees, headlight first of course. So much for the Ghibli, looks like a Ray halogen is in my future, just to keep up the disguise. Painful, yes, and not the headlight, my shoulder, the left side his time. Long story, short, the front wheel washed out on me in a tight section, shoulder first into a beech tree, took me off the bars and into the next tree we go, headlight first.
We recovered enough from that debacle and run it to the gas station in South Boardman, got a snack and sat down for a bit. Good thing Josh carrys a Klotz pint with him, he put a topper in. We did put another gallon each out in the woods at what turned out to be the 115 mile mark. I got the Exxon Valdez tank on Dans bike(without the leak, of course)and hell, the way the 500 eats it, I wasted my time putin it out there.
The rest of the MCCCT from South Boardman is pretty much road, with the exception of a few miles thru the Leetsville, and a few miles thru the Kalkaska "B". I decided to take the ORV route instead of the Kal single track due to my killing shoulder, its all good. GPS records 131 miles, I was a hurtin, but all smiles.
I'm rapidly closing in on 500 miles for the season, a far cry from a yr ago when I had maybe 100, maybe. Trouble free miles... RELIABLE.
I think I used 5.5 gallons of gas..ECONOMICAL(considering fun factor)
Not a hill along the way bogged down my 500, and there's some mighty big ones, on the roads, 5th gear, just on the pipe, rollin along at a GPS 50mph..POWERFUL

Why they quit makin these things is beyond me

I'm still out here doin it, hope you are too


Dans bike ready to rock

Yea, its me, bald

Crossin the Manistee, about the 70 mile mark
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Post by Tharrell » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:32 am

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
That;s grown up fun right there! Very Cool!

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Post by homenf » Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:10 am

Nice write up. Sounds like a blast!
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