3rd grade Anatomy

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3rd grade Anatomy

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A teacher was teaching anatomy to her 3rd grade students.

She had 2 very large body charts, male and female at the front of the class.

With her laser pointer she points at the female chart.

T) "Betty what is this?"

B) "That's a breast and my Mommy has 2 of them."

T) "Very good Betty"

T) Teacher, pointing at the male chart.

T) "Bobby what is that?"

B) "That's a penis and my Daddy has 2 of them!!!"

T) Well, Bobby, you are correct, it is a penis but your Daddy does not have 2 of them."

B) Insisting!!! "YES HE DOES!!!"

B) "He's got one little one he uses to go pee pee with!"

B) "And he's got a BIG one he uses to brush Mommy's teeth!!!!"
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